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Welcome to HYE….this is an online space for young people to come together to share experiences with mental illness and realize they are not alone.

You are welcome to use this forum to contact our Youth Support workers with issues you may not feel ready to discuss face to face as yet.  Whether you are currently engaged in Pathways Mental Health services, have engaged in the past or looking to engage in the future, we welcome you to use this forum to share your stories with other people with similar experiences.  Please note only registered members can participate in the site online forum and registrations will only be approved if you are in the age group 16 - 25 years.

Think of HYE as a virtual meeting place for you to feel very comfortable meeting and socializing with new friends who have like-minded interests, experiences and are travelling along a similar journey. Should you feel you need to talk with someone about your Mental Health, then please call Pathways reception on  (03) 5229 8295

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Triple J & the ABC are getting behind Mental Health Week with promoting good Mental Health & reducing the stigma of Mental Illness – click on below for Triple J’s advice for maintaining good Mental Health – great video!



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